A properly designed and enforced system of operational and financial controls helps defend your resources, produce reliable financial reports, and comply with laws and regulations. At Warren Averett Technology Group, we work with you to identify the efficacy of your current controls and processes. We gain an understanding of how data is handled and processed and how information assets are protected within your organization.

Our hands-on approach to internal process control evaluation begins with a review of your processes and procedures, and an analysis of current roles and responsibilities. We then assess workflows by identifying who initiates, authorizes and records transactions, as well as how they are recorded. We review job descriptions, segregation of duties, cross-training opportunities, records, safeguards and more. Once we complete our evaluation, we provide recommendations to refine, revise and improve controls for better operational performance.

While evaluating internal controls is a systematic process, an efficient and comprehensive engagement requires business process experts who understand your industry. Our consultants are highly experienced with internal control processes and the unique risk issues faced by companies in a number of specialized industries. With an effective system of internal controls, you’ll be better positioned to respond to rapidly changing regulatory requirements, shifting customer demands and priorities, and restructuring for future growth.