Rather than building your own data center, you can take advantage of our fully protected, managed state-of-the-art facility. Fully redundant hardware and networking infrastructure helps ensure your data and applications are safe and secure. Our data center is SOC 2–certified, giving you complete confidence that our operational processes and controls meet high industry standards for security and reliability.

Preparing for component failure and even the possibility of a system outage protects not only revenue, but helps ensure ongoing employee productivity and customer satisfaction. With Warren Averett Technology Group-managed data recovery services, we can help ensure resiliency and business continuity on a monthly basis and help you avoid the high costs and complexities of redundant data centers.

By entrusting your availability and recovery needs to us, you get a private, cloud-based solution that helps avoid the costs and effort required to implement a plan internally. Our availability services deliver redundant architectures to help prevent an entire production site from going down for any reason. Our data recovery services include a failover site and backup capabilities to protect you from downtime and data loss in the event of a technical or natural disaster. Every data loss doesn’t have to become a disaster; our solution allows us to restore anything from a single spreadsheet to an entire server.

At Warren Averett Technology Group, we realize not every company has the same requirements or budget, so we offer multiple levels of availability and recovery services that you can dial up or down to meet your needs. Our fully integrated solutions combine remote disaster recovery, local backup and application failover into a flexible, managed service designed to support a wide array of enterprise storage and server platforms.

With Warren Averett Technology Group, you get all the advantages of a scalable, high-performance disaster recovery infrastructure without any of the capital expense. This includes feature-rich data protection and recovery services, along with the sophisticated expertise to manage it. As with everything we do, Warren Averett Technology Group goes above and beyond the standard to provide services that increase your business resiliency.